A Hiding Place in the Arbor - cd (2002)

press release of Shelflife Records:

Shelflife presents the debut cd from Finland's Artisokka. “A Hiding Place in the Arbor,” as its name suggests, offers a welcome respite from the overly-sweet confections of so many pop bands today. Sprinkling only the best bits of strings, synths, and pedal-steel amongst delicate acoustic guitars and restrained vocals, Artisokka evokes nothing less than paradise at twilight. From the undulating rhythms of “Motionless” to the scenic vistas of “Mint”, Artisokka paints a magical landscape of mood and light at once reminiscent of Red House Painters with a dash of Nico. Spare country-tinged (“Imprint”) and bossa-pop (“Alfama”) influences expand upon – but don't overwhelm – each songs' basic beauty. Artisokka, which means “artichoke” in Finnish, features the songwriting and vocals of Jari Hildén, but also boasts the talents of Jani and Sami from Cessna, contributing here to the rhythm section. Despite the prickly moniker, this Finnish sextet creates music of soft beauty and hidden delights. After hearing “A Hiding Place in the Arbor”, we can't imagine a place we'd rather be. FOR FANS OF: Cessna, The Clientele, Belle and Sebastian, Red House Painters, The Sea and Cake, Fairport Convention. 

Sea Bed - cd (2008)

The cover art has been photographed on Fär- islands (Mykines) by Susanna Majuri. She is a young and promising Finnish artist. The key theme in Sea bed is solitary and emptiness which gnaw us when we release our hold on daily routines. Still, every song in Sea bed has an optimistic keynote. Songs are lighthouses in raging sea, friends and love keep us on the rails.