About Artisokka

Artisokka was formed by singer-songwriter Jari Hildén in 2002. Artisokka hail from Finland and the word “artisokka” means artichoke. The debut album “A Hiding Place in the Arbor” was released in the winter of 2002 on the American poplabel Shelflife

The second album "Sea Bed" was released in 2008. You can buy it from following stores.

Artisokka makes no concession to those who want a quick meal. You must strip off the many layers of our music, but you will find the soft delicious core at its heart. Our core is “beauty” and we want to explore and convey it in its own aesthetics. Jennifer Kelly expressed it well: “The music of Artisokka is sweet without being cloying, densenly musical without being overly embellished, constructed, perhaps, of cotton candy, but with a wiry musical infrastructure that reveals itself on the third or fourth listen”. Make your own mind up what Artisokka is about. Listen to some of our music in the audio section of this site.

Jari Hildén: vocals, guitars
Riina Kontkanen: vocals, violins
Joonatan Kotila: bass
Topi Korhonen: guitars, trumpet

Anni Ranta: flute
Jani Tihinen: drums